CNG Live to ANGI Portal Transition

CNG Live Shutdown
CNG Live has been shut down.

What does this mean? CNG Live has been replaced by the ANGI Portal.
The ANGI Portal requires a new account to be created to access it.
Check your email for an invitation from the email address
Follow the instructions to setup your new portal account.

ANGI Portal
Access your Sites on the ANGI Portal

Navigate to the Portal by clicking or copying this link:
Here you can login and access all of the new portal features.

The ANGI Portal includes many new features over CNG Live. These features include new features for organization administrators, custom form building for service inspections, more reports with more powerful tools, and detailed historical and live site information.

The ANGI Portal requires new login credentials, so if you have not received an invitation email, please contact ANGI Support at 1-800-934-5219 and request help with creating your new account.

New Administration Features
  • Detailed User Management
  • Site Sharing
  • Site Regionalization
  • Site Contact Management
Service Forms
  • Custom Form Design
  • Historical Tracking
  • Site Dispatching and Notifications
Site Information
  • Over 20 historical reports.
  • Live Data Viewing
  • Contact Management and Dispatching
  • Connections to Red Lion Devices